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Hello everyone!  It’s FRIDAY again!  Can’t believe how fast the weeks fly by… and yet there are times I feel like time is in molasses…
First off, we have Mr. Conner at the district Pinewood Derby.  They really take their racing SERIOUSLY around here.  Here’s him and his pit pass:
And {drumroll please}… Mr. Conner won 2nd place for best craftsmanship.  I think that means that the kids did a lot of the car work themselves, which he did… with a little help from our prior bishop who is like a pinewood derby genius.  Really proud of Conner and how he conducted himself the whole day.  A lot of the kids were stuck with their nose like glue to their DS’s… but Conner met some new friends and talked to some kids from school who are in other packs.  Made me proud.  Might I mention this is his LAST pinewood derby.  {tear}
Spencer, not only had an amazing birthday, but also was the star student of the week in his classroom.  He got to do an “all about me” poster.  It. is. awesome.

And of course, when you have a birthday around here you also need a photo shoot.  Duh.

Horray, I’m seven!
Spencer wasn’t the only one who had a birthday around here.  Conner’s teacher also had a BIG birthday.  One bigger then I’ve ever had.  Anywho… we wanted to make his day pretty special, and what better to make such an occasion then a giant cow ballon, and of course some centrum silver, to mark such a BIG occasion. :)  Waiving to Mr. M who I’m just sure is an avid reader of my blog. :)
Conner also participated in the science fair.  His project was on paper airplanes made of different types of paper and which one flew the best.  He thought it’d be cardstock but it ended-up being the regular ol’ lined paper.  Who knew?  Science fair.  That’s who knew. :)

And because we can’t stop this little lady from trailing behind all of us….

She gets upset if we do….

Oh, and yesterday’s post just would be nothing without a picture of the finished product.  Mmm… chocolate cake and sour skittles.  Conner says it brings out the tang in the chocolate.  Who knew?  Not me, that’s for sure.  I must admit it’s still sitting in my kitchen and not tempting me an ounce.  Just another perk of the child getting to decorate. :)  It did, however, take him like 7 tries to blow-out the candles.  All that hope to have him as a brass player…
Here’s hoping for a great weekend, with lots of good family time.  I hope yours is great too.

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  1. says

    Great pictures this week! What a week! :)

    And I can’t tell if Spencer is 465 inches tall or if he’s 4 ft 65 inches tall. Either way, he’s TALL! 😉

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