Sealing Your Heart

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This song got me again when I was in the car today.

My work situation is finally boiling down, people are picking their shifts and some people have left of their own accord…

It’s all sad.  I worry a lot about my friends who are finding new jobs or new shifts or having their family lives turned upside down.  I am sad for them.

I worry about myself.  I have yet to pick my position, and while it seems like I will still have what I have now, I still worry.

I’m a worrier.

Last night I was IM’ing with a work friend and she said she needed to let go and let God.  That phrase… it’s hard.  I think that a lot of the world forgets that sometimes God gives us lemons and we have to look to him on how to make lemonade.  It’s not that he’ll give us the lemonade or lemon bars for that matter.

Anyway, learning how to let God steer the ship is the hard part. 

Currently I’m just begging him to steer it my way but also all of my friends ways as well.  Sadly, the ship can’t go in all those directions at once.  That’s it, we all need our own ships.  Sadly having your own ship doesn’t pay well…

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  1. says

    Sorry about your work drama.
    I fight, push and resist God’s will all the time, but I’m getting better. Or life is just better right now. Not sure which is true. I’m a fighter.

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