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Uh, what a week.  I’ve been so focused on getting through the whole work thing I’ve kind of had blinders on to ALL that has been going on!  Science fair and pinewood derby… January is always a really busy time, I’m glad it’s over. 
Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets: Design and Build the Ultimate CarConner went to the district pinewood derby last weekend and had a nice showing.  He even won for craftsmanship.  It was crazy to look around the gym and see all the geeky dads there with their slicked-out cars and their sons.  The enormity of them tracking the MPH of each car just seemed a little much…

Mr. Chatterbox (Mr. Men and Little Miss)Spencer has a birthday this week and is practically counting the seconds.  I love that he’s so excited.  He’s turned into a giant chatterbox lately… I can’t seem to shut him up!  It used to be that he’d hide behind me if someone said hello, but now he’s going out of his way to talk to people.  When that person is me I sometimes just have to tune him out to keep my sanity.
P has done so well being dragged to all these events.  There was a time I was worried she wouldn’t be my stroller child that I so desperately need in able to accomplish all the things I hope for myself… but she’s slowly being beaten into submission by the stroller straps. :)  I’m telling you, having kids who will entertain themselves is something you teach, not something they master on their own. :)  She had everyone wrapped around her little finger when I went to go bid for my job yesterday.  I’m fairly sure she woo’d my director into loving us both… that can only be a good thing, right?
Although I haven’t actually worked for about a week it’s been really nice to catch-up on things here at home.  It’s always nice when I get a little breather to really attack what’s most important to me… my home and my family.  And yes, I attacked them. :)  They love it when I do that.

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    In my lack of blog reading, I don’t think I caught how this job bidding all worked. You’ll have to enlighten me sometime.

    Yay Conner and the pinewood derby! Yay Spencer and his birthday (I know all about having a chatterbox for a child…it’s exhausting!) and yay P and her stroller.

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