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So, this week went from being easy going and carefree to JAM packed.  How did that happen?  How did I LET that happen.  I am so fired.

El Presidante has had some issues with stealing and then lying about it.  I’m doing a MAJOR crackdown on lying around here.  I’m consistently lied to about brushing their teeth and I just can’t take it anymore.  New rule, if I find out you’re lying you will miss out on your next fun event.  What a shame that will be.  El Presidante (fyi, conner’s the president at his school now so I like to call him the president… just to be cheeky, because I’m like that) missed out on his school fundraiser last night.  I will NOT be lied to. 

Mr. Middle (sometimes I don’t want to use my kids names and I it’s so cute when people have little nicknames for their kids on their blogs) lost his lunchbox and is totally distraught about it.  Part of me loves that about him, but I hope he can function through his day.  Trying to figure out a consequence that won’t entirely ruin him but will have lasting value of remembering our things.  He is also  very possessive of all the fancy toys he got on his birthday.  Go S.

The little lady last learned the word “mine”.  I’m not particularly pleased about that… but I go on.

The mother guilt is large at our school right now.  We have no PTA president and yesterday for one quiet moment and just in my brain I considered it.  What on earth was I doing that for.  Now, here’s yours and my dirty little secret.  I’m just not a giant fan of PTA.  I really feel my time is best spent in the classrooms during the day… and not at meetings.  I think PTA has its place but I also feel like there’s a lot of extra time wasted with it…. hence I’m not going to be the PTA president and I am mentally flogging myself for even thinking about it.

The mister had a lovely valentines day and he even watched a little Teen Mom 2 with me last night.  And while that shows his deep and undying love, Teen Mom 2 is a lengthy post for another day.  Thank goodness it’s now on Hulu Plus.  :)

Happy hump day!

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