Words of the Week

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Man, I’m a bit behind this week… but this week’s words are:

“First Time Listener”

I think it was Miranda that gave me this idea a while ago… and I just felt like I was nagging my kids to death.  So they get asked to do it once.  If they don’t do it, they can have a consequence.  The end.

At least it’s helping me focus on not continually saying “we’re leaving at 8:10″ or “tie your shoe”…

Let’s just say someone’s already lost their valentines candy.  What a sad day it is…

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  1. says

    I need to remember to do this again. I did it for a while last year, and it really is amazing. And it keeps me from yelling. The kids catch on pretty fast, too.

    Hope I remember. :)

  2. says

    How does this work exactly? You just tell them once, and then if they don’t do it they lose something? What kind of consequences do you use?

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