Arrest Mr. Sister Wives… I command ye.

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First off.  Huge thanks for all the support our WHOLE family has gotten about Drew’s pink slip.  If there’s a silver lining in this is to know how much people care about us and how loved we are.  That’s always a nice feeling isn’t it.

But onto bigger and worse things….

People, huge news.  Sister wives is on Youtube.  Give it up.
I’m not sure I saw the whole episode, but with the clips I think I got a pretty good idea of the gist of things.  This episode was about a couple of things:
1.  The kids were going to public school.  It’d be interesting to know the REAL reason behind this.  Part of me speculates that since he brought wife # 4 into the picture he can no longer afford private school for all them’s kids.  They had a lot of drama about how awful the kids might treat them at public school.  In reality, a lot of their kids are pretty little.  Most littles have no idea what a polygamist is…with the high schooler’s it’s a bit more sketchy.  Of course, wife #1’s daughter still gets to go to private school.  One of the perks of being wife #1, I suppose.

2.  They’re headed to NYC to be on the Today show to announce their show, and they’re worried how the world will react to them.  I’m sure it’s hard, to have the series filmed and “in the can” and just be waiting to see how it will be received.  I love how all the grandma’s came into town to help out.  Funny… wonder how they all get along in the same house. :)

BUT, here’s what my title was referring to.  They decide to go ice blocking before they head out to NYC.  BIG NEWS, ice blocking is illegal in Utah — a fact known to all the BYU co-ed’s.  Probably just to protect the parks and make sure that they don’t get sued from people getting hurt.  But, regardless, it’s totally illegal. 

So, chain him up and take him away.

The guy’s a criminal. :)

I’ve had people wonder why I like this show.  Frankly, it’s obvious.  At least to me.  There’s a good chance many of my ancestors practiced polygamy, and I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a polygamist… it’s fascinating to see it all play out.  I don’t support polygamy, I have no secret desire to be polygamist, but I find it intriguing.  I do think the women in this show are pretty darn honest about how they feel.  Maybe they’re not, but I enjoy it either way.

Thanks to the pirates on youtube for sharing it with me. :)

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  1. says

    Well, don’t I feel silly now because I WAS a BYU co-ed and had no idea ice blocking was illegal. I never did it so I guess it didn’t matter, but still. I grew up ice blocking in our ward in CA though. It’s less fun than it looks.

  2. says

    I hate this show! It perpetuates the Myths about Mormons— that we are all polygamists and willing to let me tromp all over us.

    While I do joke about it being nice to have a “sister wife” to help with the chores around the house, I think this show serves to fuel the myths that we, as members, are all trying so hard to over come.

    People STILL assume that because you live in Utah, and are Mormon then you are a polygamist.

    My ancestry comes from Polygamy, too, but I have no desire to watch this junk– He’s a jerk.

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