Car Seat Changes

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The First Years True Fit C670 Premier Convertible Car Seat, Rail StripeDid everyone see the changes in the car seat recommendations?  Turns out we made the switch a tad early for Miss P, but there’s no way in heck I’m turning it back around for 39 days… I almost died turning it this way.
I will say that P’s legs just started to look uncomfortable and she’s in the 80th percentile on height.  It would have been doable, but EVERYONE else had turned their kids.  So, we felt it was time.

Conner is pretty proud to be four foot nine (with shoes on) exactly.  Hence, he is still out of a carseat, but it looks like they’re recommending boosters until that height, which is reached between 8 and 12 for most kids.

Car seats, they drive you insane. :)

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    I won’t even get into what car seats/booster seats we use for our family. Pretty soon, we adults will be in booster seats too, though, it seems.

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    Yeah, we just took Chloe out of hers, but she’s not 4′ 9″ yet. Just 8, which is the law here. And she hates it. I saw that this morning and I’m going to have to convince her to go nback in, poor thing. :)

    Bria is nearly 5’2″ now, so no worries there. she’d probably kill me if I made her sit in one again!

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    Car seats don’t bother me too much once the kid is old enough to buckle in alone. Fortunately our kids are all tall and solid, so they are usually out by the reccomended ages. My oldest misses hers with the head rest on long road trips, because it’s easier to sleep in the car with it. I don’t mind the rules for kids. Adults another issue…

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