A Church All Over the World

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Many people think of the Mormons as an American religion, that we basically exist only in north america. 

I love this video.  My mother in law sent me the link and I really needed to be brought up from the lows of the pukes this week, this did just that.  I love how bright and shiny Mormons are.  It’s one of my favorite things about us. :)

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    Hilary, you should have put a warning at the top, something like: “Do not watch this if you have just finished doing your make-up but aren’t wearing waterproof mascara.” What a wonderful celebration and I love how all of them really are shiny like you say. They all look like they could be members I’d see around here or at BYU or wherever. Thanks for sharing!

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    Hilary, this is AWESOME!! and yes, Mary, you are right! Wow, thank you SO much for sharing this. I felt the Spirit so strongly. I love President Monson. I love the Gospel and I love the light in their eyes :)
    You just made my Sunday.

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