Compassionate Sunday

This week I read this article about Jesus’s compassion for all of us.

I had always thought that him hauling them out to sea and them catching a great deal of fish was just a miracle.  Somehow I just imagined them letting the fish go, or something like that…

This article just reminded me that God knows how we need income, and we need our families to be taken care of.  He understands that so thoroughly he caught them a ba-zillion fish before they went off the work with him, and they could know their families would be taken care of.

I find a lot of hope in that story.  I hope you do too.  Happy Sunday.

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  1. says

    I never thought of that story that way before, but it is a perfect analogy. Beautiful that you found the meaning and grateful that you shared it here!

  2. says

    :) so beautiful, thanks for sharing. I am amazed at the miracles that have taken place in our life when we have needed money to care for our family’s basic needs…

    The Lord is watching over you :)