Everyone’s Different

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FINALLY, a controversial post!  I got one yesterday, without even knowing it.  Much of the fallout came on facebook.  People didn’t think it was right to keep C home from cub scouts.  I’m still fine with it, but I will probably think more about it and perhaps talk with C about why he’s doing the thing (lying) that keeps him from GOING to scouts.  I take lying very seriously and hence, he has a pretty serious punishment to go along with it. :)

But I just love how I can get input from my blog.

I’m not the kind of girl who will get her feelings hurt if you post something against what I thought.  In fact, I really enjoyed mulling over the comments while I was making dinner yesterday.  Just giving me something to think about as I shred cheese.  Maybe that’s why I’ve shredded my thumb so many times (true story).

But I also love that each mom is so very different, and how God must have a time trying to match each child with each mom/family.  I do wonder why my children were sent to me.  What quality did I have that would make me best to parent them.  Do you wonder that?  I wonder that a lot as I hold newborns (my own newborns, to be more specific).

In other news my husband left with a suitcase yesterday.  I really do think this whole leaving me thing might actually happen.  Darn you Ireland.  So very appealing with your leprechauns and green.

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    He gets to go to Ireland….in march…..and you can’t go too? What the crap?! So not fair. :)

    Okay, back to cub scouts. Personally, my kids are not big fan of scouts….so if one of my them was doing something naughty, I think I’d send them as punishment.

    But they are girls. Well the two oldest are. my youngest is a boy….and a baby. He likes everything….

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    So my question: is the method working? Meaning is it changing the behavior? How long do you give a method…and if it’s not working when do you decide to abandon it and change it up? Lying is definitely troubling.

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