Honoring an Honor Code

I just get tingles when I read about this.  SO often there is no standard.  I mean, there’s a “standard”… but not really.  I mean, this same things happens in my own life.  You want honesty, but then you fudge things here and there… life happens….
But BYU has made fair rules, you have to read them and discuss them with your religious leader before attending the university, they are very clear that you will be kicked out if you violate the rules and you sign.  You have to re-do it each year.  It’s a bother, but it’s very much “out there”. 
Now, I had roommates who violated the  honor code when I was at BYU, so I do know that you aren’t kicked out the minute you violate… so he had to do something more then have a cup of coffee or step into a girl’s room (which… btw IS against the rules)… and what he did isn’t our business.

My dad and I were talking about how people find no moral standard anymore.  Prior to now it was given by religious leaders, but now they’ll often say anything to get a donation.  Also, their standards change with time.

I just really like a standard, and an institution that lives up to them.

Funny story, Drew didn’t shave once and we got a letter at our house saying he broke the honor code and was on parole or something.  I was REALLY wondering what he did until he came home and confessed his 5 o’clock shadow.  True story people.  BYU, it is it’s own little bubble. :)

SO, rise and shout, the Cougars are out, and on their way to fame and glory….

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    What roommate are you talking about Hilary? ūüėČ It is nice to know that once the HC office finds out what really happened and they figure out that the bishop has really blown everything totally out of proportion they can be very, very reasonable. Even if it is a HUGE disappointment to the bishop that the HC doesn’t kick you out of BYU for having boys in the your room :)

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    I do think it’s interesting how much positive publicity this has brought to BYU. Lots of respect. Anyone dissenting is simply upset that in the 21st century, a religious institution can actually enforce morality. I do feel bad for that player though. To be the nations most famous fornicator is a hard knock. For anyone else, this would have been handled privately and aside from his suspension, it would be between the couple and their bishop.

    People should also know that he turned himself in. It wasn’t someone out to get him, or a roommate that was frustrated. He wanted to make it right in his own life.

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