Long Car Rides Unite!

Chicken Socks Totally TapeQuick Draw Flip Books BookLettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style (Klutz)Draw Star Wars: The Clone WarsSome people wonder how I get through the long car rides we plan each summer.  We’ve even done here, to Idaho, to Yellowstone, to Utah, to here.  {sigh}

Here’s the answer:  Klutz books. :)

SO, when I saw mammapedia had a great deal on Klutz books I was excited… but wondered if it would be a stupid deal like maybe they have been in the past… (aka, shipping and tax aren’t included so you hardly end up saving at all) BUT shipping is included, and isn’t that expensive anyway — and FREE if you order 40 bucks worth.  I’m even considering buying two… becuase these books are great for older birthdays too.

If it’s your first time buying from them, you can use  KLUTZ5 to save 5$, and if you’ve purchased before you can use spring10 to get 10% off.  ALSO, 5% goes to the schoool of your choice (please email me for mine if you don’t have a school of choice of your own).

Anyway, I’m buying.  Just thought I’d share. :)

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    Oh, Hilary, you have no idea what a long car ride really is! ;) I hope you get all the books you want. It sounds like a great deal1