Monday Musings of Lone Parenting

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Honestly, I never really thought that Drew would be gone for extended periods.  I mean, he’s a teacher, they stick close to the classroom, right?  I also, always thought, that if he went anywhere I’d go with. 

Oh, so wrong….

For those of you who don’t know, we had to solidify my plans to go with Drew on the day that I got the email saying that I would be laid off from MY job (again, deja vu anyone?).  We just didn’t think it was a smart financial decision to do when I might be losing my job.  Turns out, I didn’t… but I still felt good about staying home.  My kids have a lot going on and my parents don’t live here so they don’t really know what it all entails, etc. etc….

Anyway.  I stayed here, and he was there.  So, here’s my thoughts.

1.  I parent alone a lot of the time anyway.  My parents were SO tired after being on the bench with our kids yesterday, but I wrangle them alone many Sundays (Drew’s on the stand as the chorister — he has yet to take to heart many of your comments that he just head to the stand for the hymns). 

2.  Drew does a lot.  I don’t really notice it because laundry just gets folded, crap the kids gets out gets picked up but I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY working on cleaning up, etc. lately.  It’s no bueno.  I want to lose my mind.

3.  My kids need to step it up.  I mean, is there a reason to be cleaning up after a 10 year old?  I just don’t think so.  To quote myself, “What, are your hands painted on?”

4. Having a parent missing really throws my kids off, especially P.  She hasn’t slept well, she’s clingy as all get out.  I’m losing my mind with her.  They’re part of their “lives” and when they’re missing it makes a big difference.  Sad, but true.

5.  My parents are the bomb.  I’m SO glad they came.  If I had to do all of it alone the whole 10 days I might have died.  Well, good chance I WOULD have died.  But I am still alive.

Well, just barely. :)

Anyway, hats of to people who’s husbands leave often.  I guess you’d get in a groove…. but since the chance of him going anywhere any time soon is low… we’ll just stay in our “dad is home” groove.

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    Oh, that stinks that you couldn’t go! I was a single mom for 6 weeks when Hank moved to Texas before me & it was tough at first (and I only had 2 then), but the thing I liked is that I put the kids to bed early & I didn’t make big dinners. Lots of cafe rio. Hang in there!

  2. says

    I know how you feel… my husband travels quite a bit for his job and it just throws everything off. I really don’t realized all that he actually does to help me until he’s gone and it’s just me! Glad your parents came :) Hang in there!

  3. says

    10 year olds are in an alternate reality. At least mine seems to be.

    Hooray for dads being home. It’s true, I notice how much Joel does a lot more when he’s gone than I do when he’s here. So it’s good for me in that way.

  4. says

    I’m glad you survived! Life is always different when one parent is gone. Thankfully, I don’t have to do it very often. My neighbor’s husband is gone a lot and it helps me to remember how blessed I am.

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