Monday Musings on Honesty

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I’ve been on a big beef on honesty lately in my life.  While I’m trying to keep my kids super honest, I’ve also been watching those around me and seeing how they are living an “honest” life.

I’ve been interested in people who just don’t say things, even though it’s not REALLY being dishonest, they’re thinking they are.  I mean, no one actually asked them.

Most of the time that seems to be to avoid confrontation.  For instance, some people were taking other people’s spots at work but they never told them, they just swooped in and did it.  It wouldn’t have changed anything but I do feel like one was being more honest, or at least being a better friend.

On Saturday Conner tried to hide the fact he hadn’t changed his sheets by just making his bed.  Drew caught him.  Conner said it wasn’t a lie… but not living the genuine truth or trying to cover stuff up… that’s lying. 

Anyway, I’m trying to live a more genuine life and being more honest with those around me.  Do you have thoughts on honesty?

BTW, I have started having any child who lies in our house miss his next “fun thing”… and it’s working.  The kids are usually pretty devastated, and it’s what I need to have happen.  I demand honesty from them.  Anyway, I need to stay on that horse and stay firm… :)

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    I totally agree with you. I remember years ago in the old RS manuals, there was a lesson on “Being Deceitful” it had a list of things that would be considered deceitful and the whole point of the lesson was that being deceitful is THE SAME as being dishonest. Wow, everyone and I mean everyone was squirming in their seats that day.

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    It’s something I work on personally, and with my kids. Sometimes it can be very hard to tell the whole truth. No one wants to look bad or get in trouble. Still, I like Lacy’s point about deceit. It’s simply dishonest to allow people to believe something that isn’t true.

    We have a family motto, Nice – Clean – Honest. Almost every lesson I can teach my girls fits under one of those. Those are also our rules. I still try to find some way to punish them that will help them understand.

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    Funny you should post kids go to bed listening to a Primary song CD, and Monday morning I had the song ‘I believe in being honest’ stuck in my head. It just so happens that something came up that I was waffling about a little and the words to that song came through and I was put back in my place.

    I remember Shirley Sinkovic saying in the parenting class she taught at church (which we took before we had kids) that she taught her kids to tell the truth first and foremost because that made every other problem easier to deal with. We are working on this and I also hate being lied to. Still trying to figure out the best response for their ages – Good for you for taking it head on and creating meaningful consequences..

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