Mormon Manners

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This morning when I woke-up at 5:30 and was gently caressing my phone and it’s ability to bring my facebook in my darkened bedroom I ran across this article: Mormon Manners.

I. WAS. SHOCKED by the comments.

And really, how rarely am I shocked?

I know, it’s rare.

Honestly, one of my very favorite thing at church is to look around and see all of these people trying their hardest to do the right thing.  I mean, in coming to church we have made a large step towards doing the right things.  We have NO idea what those people have left at home in order to come to church.  There have been weeks where the only thing I can do was placate with cheerios and pray that they weren’t insane.  There are other weeks where I turn Nazi and provide timeouts in a classroom if the kids weren’t up to snuff.

There are so many crazy situations out there where we have no idea what those families are doing or where they are coming from.  It’s never our obligation nor opportunity to judge them. 

Anyway, just my two cents.  And honestly if you NEEDED to read an article about appropriate manners at church maybe you should consider your own conversion.  Yes, we know we shouldn’t text, or leave before the meeting has ended with a prayer.  Things happen, and everyone is their own self.

Crazy Mormons…. :)

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  1. says

    Are you freaking kidding me? Wow, wonder how many lightening bolts are striking around the globe right now. Those people who commented are off their rocker if you ask me. But then again, the whole article was just asking for that kind of response with the way it was written. Sure glad I have LDS Living around to tell me how to live my life as a Mormon.

  2. says

    Ack. Yeah. Not in favor of that article. I don’t think there should be anymore stipulations with our religion. It’s not black and white. Personally, I LOVE my android for my scriptures. Why? Because I was always the last one to get to the scripture chase on time. Guess I didn’t pay enough attention in seminary.

  3. says

    The article made me want to gag, and then the comments, Oy Vey! It’s like all of “those” people in every ward lined up to comment. Use common sense, polite manners, and mind your own business folks. There’s a lot of judgement to hand out from high pedestals I guess.

  4. devron says

    I couldn’t stop reading the comments!Seriously, who are these people who find so much fault with people GOING to church! I agree with, just getting to church is a hard a thing. The getting ready, the fighting the kids and everything else that comes with it. But the blessings outweigh it all and we should support and help one another instead of finding fault. My ward is amazing and the people around me love my family and my four crazy imperfect boys!

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