Musings on Mondays: Changes

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This weekend we had 7 people get baptized into our church (I’m sure the church as a whole had more, but we had 7 in our ward).  It was a family, with some extended family.  I must tell you that standing there with my family, watching their family in the font was something I won’t forget any time soon.

But, as I saw the family later in the day and on Sunday I noticed how brightly their faces were.  Their smiles were broader, their love was brighter.  It was just such a happy thing.

It made me think about how change can make SUCH A difference in our lives.  I think about the changes towards being more healthy have affected me.  I never really made a drastic change, but it was always small things. 

When you think of the big picture, if you’re going on a straight line and you make a tiny course correction, how large that change can be when you get to your final destination.

Personally, I do believe the most important change you can make is being a member of our church.  We recently had friends who left the church of their own accord.  I didn’t really know what to say.  I was left speechless (amazing, no?) but on further evaluation I guess I would just ask them if they were happier now?  I find that the things that I have changed in my life, in accordance with the gospel have been things that make  me the MOST happy.  That’s why I continue to go (btw, 7 confirmations also happened in church today, which is pure fun with a 22 month old, 2 boys and Drew sitting on the stand as the chorister)… and it’s a choice I make each week. 

This week’s word of the week is “reading” — I was reminded that Spencer turns into a lazy reader sometimes when I got his report card.  So, he and I are going to read together for 10 minutes each day.  Him doing most of the reading.  Things just sometimes fall to the side…. and that was one of them lately, shame on me.

But there are so many changes that you can make for good in your life.  What are some of the changes you have made?

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    Our chorister sits with her family. They sit near the front and she just walks up to the stand for the songs. Maybe that’s a possible change for your family?

  2. says

    That’s how our chorister, whoever it is, does it too. I agree that sometimes it’s the smallest changes that have the greatest affect. Like, for example, when I try to just be a bit happier, at least on the outside, it makes a huge difference in the rest of my family and their attitude about things. I wish I could remember that when things really get going around here, but I don’t. I’ll keep trying because CHANGE IS GOOD!

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    Holy Hannah – 7!!! Wow. How wonderful that so many babies are being born, but could they not have spread out the confirmations? That seems a bit much to me.

    I agree with the previous ladies about changing to have Drew sit with you guys. No body is going to gasp and say, “Drew isn’t on the stand for the whole meeting!”.

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    How wonderful to have seven gorgeous little spirits baptised into the church. That would have been wonderful to see – the confirmation part though with young kids in sacrament meeting – not so wonderful! so with you on that one :) love your thoughts about change. Naomi x

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