Photo Friday: We Built this City

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Well, well… photo Friday makes yet another triumphant return.  Of course, with missing last week I have a lot to discuss.  Let’s get busy.
Drew and I made a visit to the temple, switching off and we figured the kids needed a reward… we were going to go to the zoo, but it was raining cats and dogs.  So, we fed our inner cats and dogs by going to Fenton’s ice cream parlor in Oakland.  It was delicious.  Drew and I split.  Because we’re smart losers like that. :)

The boys got their own.  Guess how often that happens.  They were in heaven.  I think this is Conner’s first bananna split.  Sad, but true.
Spencer got a plain ol’ scoop of ice cream.  Yum, yum.

What with our travels over the break, we decided to turn P’s car seat around.  She is also in heaven.  The first day she seemed to just be freaked out.  Now, she’s just a regular old person.  I remember when I had her all the kids could buckle themselves, get their shoes on, etc.  We’re slowly, but surely headed back there… or so I think…

We went up to the city for a day of roaming San Fran.  We got cable car tickets, which also gives you access to the muni (which is the bus and underground system).  We tried all the methods of transport we could, including the electric cars, the cable cars and the underground.  The kids voted that they loved the underground most.  Frankly, the cable cars are the coolest, but they’ll never know that since they grew-up here.  We went to the VERY cool cable car museum.  I can’t believe how old that system is.  Impressive.

A golden day, with a Golden bridge.

And because Fentons wasn’t ENOUGH Calories, we made a stop here too.  O. M. GOODNESS their chocolate sauce is THE BEST you will ever have.  Period.  End of story.  So good!  We split sundaes here too.  What a yummy treat!

This week has mostly consisted of this:
And some of this:

And you’re welcome for not giving you a picture of the poo or vomit.  I am a giver like that.  We hope we’re all on the mend here, and hopefully you’re having a lovely week as well.  Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. says

    Looks like fun times! Those ice creams are huge-o and really make me want to get a bowl for myself. However, I WILL remain strong (and just wait till the kids are in bed). Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    The boy’s faces over their ice cream are priceless. :) Looks like a fun winter break was had by all. Here’s hoping Miss P is better soon!

  3. Jessie Moore says

    HOW FUN!! How come I wasn’t invited?? I am so sorry you guys were so sick, hope you are on the mend!! Love you!

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