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Where Valor Rests: Arlington National CemeteryThanks to my little puker, I’ve been watching a bit of netflix while she has me in a death hold on the couch.  Today I watched a documentary on Arlington Cemetary.
I can’t highly recommend it enough (the picture on the right isn’t he documentary… but if you have netflix just search for Arlington, I’m sure it’ll come up).
I plan to re-watch it as a family around the 4th of July.

But my favorite part was the ladies of Arlington, who go to every funeral, to support families, be a friendly face and give them a business card to call them any time for the rest of their lives.

This is so similar to our relief society. 

God knows that death is such a difficult time for all of us.  As I was reading the sermon on the mount I was struck to mourn with those who mourn, comfort those who stand in need of comfort and that’s just what those Ladies of Arlington do. 

I was also impressed by the guards watching the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

It’s just nice to see a place showing SO much respect to people who fully deserve it.  I love visiting that place, and this documentary brought it back for a few moments.

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