{waiving Hello to the casual bloggers}

Guess who’s the featured blogger on casual blogger today!

Casual Blogger Community


Which, honestly has been really great for me today.  It seems like bad news is comin’ in like the tide today {did I mention S is home sick today… and he sounds like I’d like to, all whiney and miserable — not that I’m sick just that I am rather whiny as of late, if only in my mind}.  Anyway HELLO CASUAL BLOGGERS.  Thanks for visiting.

Feel free to become a follower there on the right.  I write on lots of different topics and as of late you can see union politics coming to a head as my husband is laid off.  What could be more exciting then that!? :)

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    I came over from the Casual Blogger Community and I’m now a follower! I noticed your Power of Moms button… I am going to their retreat in April. I can’t wait!

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