Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ann and the King

Anna and the KingTo keep my mind off other matters today, I have been watching Anna and the King in my spare time.  I'm only in the first hour.  So far I kind of miss the singing.  I definitely miss the part where the girls all bow and show off their un-clothed behinds.  Awh, the King and I.  I could write all night.

But then my mind wandered.  I was just so impressed with Anna's attitude as she moved to a new land.  I was impressed how she was so willing to stay true to herself and if people liked it, they were lucky, and if they didn't they might kill her.

I know when I moved here I took some serious beatings to my personality.  There was quite a long time that I'm not sure who I was.  But, I can verify that I have changed, a lot.  I am sure a lot of it was from that period of my life.'

Problem is, I REALLY like who I am now.  I believe I have an Anna type personality.  I believe I am strong and likeable and right. :)  I don't want to change that just to make friends, and influence people.

As much as the concerns about other aspects of this move bother me, I can't help but hear the little bird in the back of my brain saying, "but you will have no friends...."  And while I shoo it out every now and the reminding it that I will always have the internet, I worry.

But I can always Netflix Anna and remind myself that being yourself is what people need and want.  She has also taught me to be incredibly open minded, and that many things can be solved with love.  Oh Anna, you are amazing -- and how you do your hair every day is still my biggest amazement. :)

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  1. Ah are so very likable and funny, you will make friends wherever you may go! Have no fear..your sense of humor and warmth opens the door, as it did when I was new on the unit and you were so kind to me. But I do know the feeling - since moving here, I also have taken a few beatings...people (mostly co-workers, i.e. women) do not know how to take me, and I'm not this sweet submissive Southern belle. But I am true to myself. And the're getting over it. :)
    Thank you for sharing this journey with us - I am learning so much along with you.
    HUGS and prayers <3


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