Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Call for Help

You all think I want a job.

Oh, how wrong you are.

I mean, we DO want a job but we've had a lot of help with that.  We're so lucky.  Keep the prayers coming people....

BUT, I have a pressing matter.

I, my people, am no good at girls hair.
My little boys had curls til about 18 months and then we chopped them off and turned them into men.

Of course, we'd never put clips in their hair anyway... although, I may or may not have toyed with the idea.  They did have beautiful hair. :)
Miss P is finally getting some curls (YAY, seriously those curls are bringing me so much joy lately, it's just sad) and her hair is kind of a skeewampus mess... lots of differing lengths and as long as it's curly, it doesn't really look like she's homeless...

So, now I'm putting a clip in or a piggie tail daily.  At least that's my plan.

Problem is, I'm awful at it.

I even looked on youtube for videos on how to do girls hair.  Problem is, I don't need a french braid that wraps around her head and comes out her ear.  I just need to figure out the right kind of elastics, or clips or whatever.

I just need tips.  Basic, simple, tips.

I'm sure all of you started out as hair novices.  Tell me more. :)


  1. I just always buy the small colored (or clear) rubber hair elastics in the hair aisle of the store. I also used small-sized Goody barrettes (plain gold or silver) to keep hair out of the little peeps eyes. I would finish off the elastic with a small ribbon bow or you could attach a little felt flower doodad to the barrettes as well. You know, to jazz things up. Farrah usually pulled them out anyway, but it was a good place to start. Good luck!

  2. Oh boy. I feel like I have so much to offer, having 3 girls of my own. All of them were very curly when little. Only one kept the curls. Did I tell you that no one showed me how to do my hair until I was 18? I sucked up all the info I could, and with a little (and a lot) of trial and error, I have definitely learned a thing or two about doing little girls hair.
    1. Always, always start with wet hair. It makes everything straighter, tighter, and easier to do.
    2. Product is your friend! Humectant for curls, anti-humectant for straight, pomade, hairspray. They actually help.
    3. Use a comb, not a brush.
    4. Use the little clear bands, and plan on breaking them out of your daughter's hair. (ps, I learned a hard lesson that sunscreen will weaken the bands and breaking WILL occur.)
    5. Always put a rubber band in before you secure a bow or flower to it. If you attempt to put the bow/flower in on it's own, it's very likely to fall out. A. Lot.
    6. Have fun experimenting. There are a lot of blogs for doing girls hair, and they come in handy. Many offer tips as well.

  3. the Hytes knows what she's talking about.

    The little clear or colored rubber bands are the best thing ever invented. I am in love with those things, I am also out of them (my girls use them on their Barbies and ponies and we go through them let me tell you....). If you want to put a flower or clip in, it's best to put a rubber band in first, especially when their hair is still babyish and fine.

    I'm not one for using a ton of product in my girls' hair, but it does really work better when I do. I usually just use a bit of spray in conditioner and then some spray in gel stuff to hold it.

  4. I feel your pain. My girls look like ragamuffins most days. My friends have been known to come over with bows and clips, grab a brush and just start on someone's hair. The preschool teachers even comment when I've had a friend over because her hair is SO much better.

    One thing that is very useful for a kid that likes to pull out the "pretties" is flipping the pigtail inside out. You separate the hair beneath the elastic then push the elastic over the top and through the hole. Makes perfect sense, right? If not, I'm sorry, I tried.

    Not much help and mine are 5 and 6 already. Maybe I still need some lessons, too!

  5. Oh man, as soon as I read what you wanted advice on, I thought, "Dang! What do I know?"

    I do have two girls, ages 10 and 7, but I've never felt like I've been very good with girls hair either.

    I like the advice some of the other Moms said... I'll have to try it too.

    I do really like the little clear elastic bands too. I also think it's good to wet the hair first. My girls don't like really fancy hairdos (cause or effect, I don't know) but when we're watching a movie together, I like to experiment and try new things on their hair. You'll be in the know the older she gets :)

  6. Thank goodness my little man is a guy. I can't even do my own hair! Good luck!

  7. I ditto Carly and The Hytes. That is exactly what I did. : ) Try having most of her hair down, and a little mini side pony with the clear plastic rubber mini band, finished with clip-on bow. BTW, my hairstylist told me how bad those were for hair, but that's what I used until Paige had the longer, thicker hair.


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