Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Good Things After Bad/Hard Things

I was thinking about yesterday's post about how good things come after periods of pain and trial. I was actually thumbing through my scrapbooks (there are 21 mind you) with P while trying to listen to conference and I was struck by how many hard things I had weathered that had equally amazing opposites at the other end.

1. Nursing school. Pure awful. There were particular teachers in which four letter words seemed to come to mind quite frequently... But also in myself. School doesn't come easy for me. Being corrected time and TIME again as I learned didn't come easy for me. But it is one of the most apparent decisions in my life that was SO right. I have had countless blessings come from it. I'm glad I had the fortitude to stand through it.

2. Having Conner. #1 and this one come as a tie to my worst life situations ever. I felt like I was adequately prepared to have a child, being that i had worked for a pediatrician for 3 years prior but boy, oh boy was I wrong. I was prepared in that I could tell myself what to do, but actually doing it and submitting to the will of this tiny piece of screaming.... Well, you get the idea. It was really hard. But it truly was a refiners fire for me. I needed to learn about someone else's needs, I needed to know how low a person could get before rising from the ashes. It created a whole new woman. A woman, who I usually tend to think is an amazing mother and is someone who that person prior to Conner, I could only dream about being.

3. Moving to CA. I've read my journal about making the decision to come here and how difficult it was to move here. It was gosh awful. And actually, it was fairly awful for about 2 years after it. I had a really hard time finding my groove. BUT, it has been an amazing and life-altering experience. I have learned so much about people, and how I can love people who are entirely different from me, and yet still the same. I am not kidding in the fact that I had a REALLY long time getting into the groove of moving here. People are going to have to check on me after I move somewhere else. I don't transplant well, apparently. :)

Anyway, there are plenty of smaller occurrences where pains allow us to grow. I think it's so important to look back and think about specific times that you were send through a finer and allowed to grow into a new person.

So, I'm challenging you to write down a time on YOUR blog in which you went through a hard time and were prepared to grow. Feel free to email me or put it in the link, or if I regularly read your blog I will probably see it anyway. Hopefully it will help me to realize that everyone else is "growing" too. :)

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  1. Shannon m6:39 AM

    Becoming a mom and moving to Cali are my top 2 hardest experiences too...


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