Friday, April 08, 2011

Photo Friday: Campy

Photo Friday was apparently on hiatus for a bit... happy to see it make its return.  I got a nice big box of fruits and veggies from Farm Fresh To You... they are delicious and it's nice that they're all organic and delivered to  my door.  Still haven't used the swiss chard.  Ideas?

We had a teacher prep day last Friday.  We went to the park and I ran around for a while and the kids had a good time.  I couldn't help think that our days visiting ur little park are numbered.

P loves to go down the slide herself.  I mostly love how she screams WHEEE after she's done, and then runs around.  Funny little thing.

Here's el presidente on his way to science camp.  He went for 3 nights this week and just made it home today.  He is cleaner in this picture then how he came home, and I'm fairly sure that piece of luggage will never be the same, but he is otherwise entact.  He has a bit of an attitude right now though, so we'll see how we all fare during spring break. :)

I'm sad I never even posted these nice pictures of my parents when they were here.  We had such a good time, and I'm so glad they came while Drew was in Ireland.


And, that's that.  Huge props to the teachers who delt with science camp for real, and not just its aftermath.  {saluting great teachers everywhere}


  1. I'm still in total denial of D's layoff....keep feeling like it is not going to happen. Can it really? Sorry - probably not a helpful comment! : (

  2. I love swiss chard! But confess I haven't had it since I was a kid when my parents used to grow it in our garden. My mother basically cooked it like spinach (only it tastes better) and we would cover it in lemon juice to eat it.

    Those toys bring back memories. Our local school used to have them until a few years ago.


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