Monday, April 04, 2011

Things God Wanted Me To Learn

This weekend was our church's "General Conference" -- aka, we are able to go to church in our jammies in our living room and eat cinnamon rolls while they feed our souls.  It's entirely a win-win situation. :)

BUT, there were a few things that I specifically felt like God wanted me to know.  ME, the writer of this blog (who doesn't want her full name attached to said blog).  God wants ME to know some things.  So, here's what they were.

1.  Marriage is really important.  I really felt like they were dumping on single guys.  Good luck to you fella's.  But, for me it's that marriage is a refiner.  We'll just say that our little marriage has had a few bumps along the road as of late.  No shocker.  I think most marriages would.  Drew and I have obviously made the decision to fight for our marriage, but it's a hard battle meant to improve us.  Good news, we're in the battle together, folks.

2.  Women are really amazing.  It's hard, especially in a sitaution like this, to feel that I am a bit of a ragdoll being dragged along the path of my husband's life.  I want to assure you that on most days I do not feel like this.  But it's been hard, especially since I just went through the journey of saving my own job so recently to now be faced with finding a new job again.  No bueno... but I believe that God has a special place His heart for women who willingly are a helpmeet to their husband. 

3.  Good things come after painful things.  I liked the analogy that someone made today (he was a 70, I can't remember who) about labor.  I know, mock me all you want.  I've thought a lot about how labor makes a mother love that baby... but he mentioned that after labor you have SUCH A lovely thing as a baby.  And that good things come after hard things.

I think that last one was what I most needed to hear.  I heard it in a lot of talks.  Also that patience is important and realizing that God has his own timeline.  Drew has recently said that he feels like there are things happening right now that we are not aware of, but are working for our good and preparing the next part of our lives.

I like thinking like that.  I like that the world is revolving around me.  Because a girl can dream, right?


  1. Loved Conference.....felt bad for the single guys too. My hubby came home and said Pres. Monson really gave it to them in the Priesthood session. :)

    I can't remember that 70 year old guys name either...but his "trials" talk was awesome. :)

  2. My husband said that the priesthood session is basically a lot of how men are toads and women are amazing. He did say how it was funny that the single guys were addressed specifically, but the single women of the same age were not.

    I learned a few things, though I'm sure I will learn more as I listen to the talks in my own time without the noise of restless children over the next few months. I think my message for now is that peace is something that we work for, not something we just find. It's an every day challenge, and so much of achieving it is up to us.

  3. Oh my dear Hilary I have been checking in on you and want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. So funny what we take out of conference loved the talk on marriage and loved Elder Holland's talk. Keep your head up and try not ot worry abou the things you can not change and focus on what is important you know those sunday school answers.

  4. Of COURSE things are happening right now to prepare the next step in your lives. That's how much our heavenly Father loves us. It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

    Love your thoughts on conference. I also loved all of the things you mention. Elder Oaks' talk was also a favorite for me. I really want to read that one soon.

  5. I think conference just keeps getting better and better every time, don't you? I liked all your thoughts. I can't remember his name either, but I do remember that being said about labor.

    I think Elder Cook's (women are incredible) and the hymn (Have I done any good) were my most favorite things about conference this time.

    Being a newer reader to your blog, or missing the posts about the job situation, I don't know your personal situation right now, but I do hope that everything works out.

    I enjoy your blog and I do hope you have a great day.


  6. I loved conference. and I loved this post :) I love how Elder Bednar? was it? that referred to children as "bedlamites" that was funny!

    One of my favorite talks was about Parenting and "To Be" lists by Lynn G. Robins... I really want to read that one and take notes. (My 3 year old slept during the Sunday afternoon session = that was my favorite.)

  7. I would wholeheartedly agree with each of those things. The hard part is waiting for the good to come after the pain.

  8. Great thoughts, insights, and applications here. :) Conference rocks.


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