Friday, April 22, 2011

Traveling with Kids: Favorites

So, for my final day I'd like everyone to come up with their 5 favorite places to visit with their kids.  So, get your thinking cap on.  Here are my 5.

1.  Disneyland.  There, I said it.  It's just nice for THEM to come up with all the excitement for the week.  And excitement abounds.  I love that place. 

2.  Yellowstone.  My kids LOVE this place, and the Tetons (which is just south of Yellowstone) included.  Sometimes national parks tend to bore kids with all their information about rocks and trees, but give a kid a hole that shoots water 50 feet in the air and they're pretty happy.  It is a HUGE stress to get to this place, and I know a lot of my friends don't like to drive in the car but it's worth it.  Families I know that have gone there, adore it!

3.  Family.  It's always nice to go somewhere that cousins await.  My kids love playing with other kids.  Period. :)

4.  Ok, my last 2 are going to be places that I really liked as a child.  I LOVED going to visit the native american ruins in Mesa Verde.  One of my friends just took a trip here and I was so jealous.  There's ladders, and lots to run around and do.  We had a great time.  It is also the only time I ever saw my mom on a ladder.  Bonus.

5.  Washington DC.  This one isn't so great for tiny kids, but my older two would have a GREAT time there.  The free museums, and the monuments.  Plus, there's lots of open space to run around.  I'd love to visit there sometime soon.

And one final question.  When you're driving, how far out of your way will you go to see something that's REALLY cool?  Or even just sort of cool.  Do you think that detours are worth it?

So, top 5, and thoughts of detours.  Happy traveling everyone, and happy commenting. :)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Disneyland, of course!
    2. Family
    3. The beach, preferably Coronado beach in San Diego, but really any will do. We love the waves, the sand, it's great!
    4. Utah. We haven't visited here since we just moved from here, but it would be a fun vacation spot for our kids because we know all the cool places to go and have lots of their old friends there.
    5. Nauvoo. Ok, so this is more for me, but if you go during the summer there is TONS for kids to do and it's so fun. I love this place.


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