Monday, April 18, 2011

Traveling with Kids: General Thoughts on being car sick....

The CarNow, I think I have traveled a lot with kids.  Usually by car.  If you're looking for air travel tips... well, not so much.  We usually do a trek every other summer to Utah by car which is monotonous and long and painful.  I have chosen not to have a DVD player which while possibly promotes family unity also promotes it being monotonous long and painful.

But I really have visions that it doesn't have to be.

I LOVE it when we play games together as a family.

I LOVE having shared experiences as a family, and I think that's what family vacations are all about.

But, while P was puking in the car and not falling asleep I thought I need some serious advice if we're hoping to get through a possible cross-country move this summer.

SO, it's time for another week long discussion about traveling with kids.

While driving home from Yosemite there is a long and windy road (and it did bring us back to our door, thank you very much).  P was dozing in and out.  She'd wake up and say "mom" and then kind of languish.  I just figured she didn't have enough sleep until I heard the telltale burp.  My head whipped around just in time to see it come up.

Now, none of my other kids have EVER been carsick!  We found a spot to pull over, cleaned it up with baby wipes and put a fresh outfit on her (because I DO always carry one of those for her), gave her a few sips of water, turned on some cold air on her and on our way we went.  She was fine the rest of the way.

So fine Pulling Curls Readers -- what do YOU do about carsickness?  Do your kids get it, can you teach a 2 year old how to throw up in a bag? Does anything help?  This road was PRETTY windy, more on the extreme edge, but I'd love to hear tips!


  1. Thankfully my kids haven't had problems with carsickness. Only once with my youngest and it was extreme winding roads.

    My siblings had troubles. My parents always traveled with a sack inside a box or a small bucket (this doubled as a car garbage). Whenever they felt slightly nausea they held this. It was easier then just a bag.

  2. I don't know about carsickness, but if you want to hear a gross story, ask me about my weekend trip home from Utah with my toddler.

  3. My older daughter and myself get carsick A LOT. We make sure to have "wind" on our faces. We have found that familiar music with headphones, or a favorite book on tape helps calm the panic. Watching the road helps and from the backseat she can watch the lines on the side of the road. We stop for pukes, I've never had anyone puke into a bag in the car.

    Airplanes are a whole nother story with me trying to keep from puking myself. Now that's a great place for using a bag since I can hold it for her.

    Overall the key is wind and a stationary head.
    Good luck!


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