Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Traveling with Kids: Sleep

Ok, get your rotten tomatoes out, because I have a confession.

Sometimes I spend more, OK a lot more, to get a door that separates me from my children.  If we're going somewhere for more than a couple of nights I work hard to find a suite at a decent price.  My baby just doesn't sleep well knowing that we're right there!  Plus, I like to lay her down early and watch a little TV on my own.

This time, price was king (holy crap, you wouldn't BELIEVE how expensive it is for a room in the park!) so we had a regular hotel room (btw, we stayed at the Yosemite View Lodge, it wasn't anything fancy but it was a decent price and the rooms were fairly large).  The first night we tried to lay her down at 7:30 and just watch a little TV all together.  She was just whoopin' it up in the playpen.  Louder then I could imagine.  Finally, by the end we put her in at 8 and watched TV til' 8:30 when we all went to sleep.  The girl can't go to sleep with the TV on.  And frankly, neither can the boys.

I will admit that I bribed the boys with candy to sleep nicely together.  They were in a queen size bed, and often we hear a lot of cries of covers stealing, or being on the wrong side.  One 58 cent candy bar later things were quiet and blissful, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be doing that again.

So, do you guys have tips with sleeping with your kids in a hotel?  Or, perhaps sleep in general?  I love sleep.  Let's talk more about it. :)


  1. Hotels comes with private bathrooms for the express purpose of putting the playpen in there and having it be a second room for the toddler. We've done that all the time, and it works great. You just need to go to the lobby to use the bathroom. :-)

  2. There's simply no way to sleep well with a toddler in your room. I'm loving the closet/bathroom idea!

  3. We use the large closet or the bathroom for the baby. We also sit out in the hall and read/talk/computer out in the hallway while they fall asleep.

  4. Ditto to all the above comments. When we traveled with babies in cribs/playpens we'd have their "room" be in the bathroom. Our kids are older now so we usually try to find a room that has two beds and a pull out couch (like our Disney hotel) then they can each have their own bed. If that's not available then we have them share a bed but when we put them down we have one kid in each of the queen beds and we watch movies outside in the hallway or in the bathroom on the laptop. Then when the kids are asleep we move them to the same bed. It works pretty well.

  5. Did the crib in the bathroom thing. Worked great. Now with no need of a crib but still a wiggly toddler, we usually watch a movie and then turn out all the lights. My kids don't like the dark but after a few minutes of whining it is quiet. Can't say I get the best sleep having the toddler right next to me (I am just too cheap to make the plunge to bigger quarters).

  6. Don't ever get "stuck" in a Ronald McDonald House for too long. We lived in Seattle RMH for 14 months, and because we weren't bone marrow transplant patients, we got a regular room. No privacy walls for parents, no separate room for the baby to fall asleep in, and no room. But we couldn't be ungrateful. We're so GLAD to be home again, and not be in the same room as 4 of our children!

  7. We, too, are fans of adjoining rooms. We also like indoor pools so the kids will be worn out before attempting bed.

    Like you noted, never underestimate bribery.


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