Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Traveling with Kids: What to Eat

While I doubt this will help us too much on our cross country trip, I thought it'd be interesting to see what people do to save a little cash while they're traveling.

My sister in law is pretty amazing.  I mean, in general.  AND I have 6 of them.  But one of them (they are all amazing) takes her crock pot to Disneyland and heats up soup in her hotwired hotel room to save cash.  I had never thought of bringing my crock pot.

This time we did have a kitchenette, and we did a few things.

  • Chili chips and cheese -- you can even buy small bags of fritos and just eat it all in the bag, although we used some paper plates we bought.  Heat up a can of chili, and dump some shredded cheese on top.  I needed sour cream, but for most people it's not a necessity. :)
  • Soup -- sometimes I forget about the humble soup can, but it tasted so good and was nice and warm (wouldn't be as nice in the warmer months)... and was EASY.  We also bought some oyster crackers to go on top which P thought was pretty amazing!
  • Sandwiches -- the ol' traveling standby.  Just make sure your mayo doesn't go bad.  I tend to not buy it at all because Mayo sometimes scares me, but is awfully tasty.
  • For mornings we often get the tiny doughnuts and go-gurts, but I find this doesn't "last" us very long and we're all hungry a couple of hours later.
  • I did make some oatmeal packets with just quick oatmeal and a little sugar.  If I'd had the will to make it, I'm sure it would've "lasted" us longer.

Anyway, do you eat at sit down restaurants, do you go fast food all the way?  I think we try to have a "real" meal once a day at a sit down restaurant.  SO, if we're traveling the whole day we try and do one meal at someplace like that, and the other two either in the car or at a fast food place.  I always have snacks with me in the front seat in case we get to a mealtime and there's no restaurant in site.  I also try to have some cups with me so I can pass it back without too much mess.

So, tell me your tips or thoughts!


  1. I'm Filipino, so we bring our Rice Cooker :) of course I also bring ramen, packets of hot cocoa and Mac n cheese. Boiled eggs are also good.

  2. I always find that fruit is a great option for traveling. Oranges, bananas, and apples. Plus we fill a cooler with ice and take cut veggies, hummus, yogurt, cheese sticks, and sandwiches. You could even take your own milk or anything else you would need/want. Then we refill the ice at a gas station when we need to.

    Trail mix is one of my favorites too. I make my own to make it less expensive and then I throw it all into a giant ziploc bag (or you could make individual portions in snack size ziplocs). Hope that helps.

    I am so sad about you guys moving. I always love your lessons in relief society and really I just learn so much from you all the time. You are one fantastic lady! Good luck with the job search.

  3. I am ashamed to admit that sometimes our "healthy" meal is Taco Bell instead of burger, nuggets and fries.

  4. I make ice blocks from our food storage water.. those squarish juice jugs refilled with water, freeze well and fit in coolers great and last much longer than crushed ice. 3-4 days depending on how good your cooler is and how much you open it.

    I also like to make filling muffins like whole wheat, peanut butter, banana, a few days before, freeze them and then pack them. dried fruit is great too to help everyone stay regular. it is always harder to eat healthy on a trip.

  5. We were super poor when I was a kid so while staying at motel 6 my mom would cook hot dogs in the crock pot. Needless to say, we thought she was awesome. Also, many hotels will provide a microwave if you ask when you get there and in addition to hot dogs you can make pretty decent no so grilled grilled cheese samies. You can also toss veggies in a zip lock and steam them in the micro for a healthier option. If you want a little low cal protein the egg whites from Costco can be cooked in a paper bowl in a micro and they are yummy and cheap.


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