Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Back into the full swing of school we are all doin' our own things around here.

I am trying to be more consistent with P's lessons now that she's nearing two.  It's just a little coloring, some flash cards (just to say the word), and puzzles.  Then we read a book and sing a couple of songs.  I find that on the days I do it she's less needy of me the rest of the day, and heavens knows I can use less people needing me. :)

I am cracking down on me having to ask 5 million times for things to get done around here.  I have some basic necessities the boys get, but after that they're going to need to earn it by being on top of their lives.  I really need them to step up lately and it seems like they're all stepping back.  BUT, since I've started my little "I'm sorry, if you were going the extra mile or doing your jobs without being asked, I'm sure you COULD do that fun thing"... S is up early, dressed and happy to start the day.  Really, is that so much to ask?

I am so freakishly sore.  I mean, at what point will I stop being sore?  I guess my problem is that I switch up my routines daily so my body is always getting something "new"... and when I over-do it I pay.  Big fun.  It also makes me weigh more.  Booo....

We are slowly getting over the sad news earlier in the week.  Drew has like 10 applications out there.  We appreciate all the prayers and we find ourselves providing fervent ones several times a day for this to end soon.  Or, begin.  Is it the end or the beginning.  I guess it's both. :)

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  1. I've been blogging MIA lately, but just caught up. So sorry about the disappointing news...keeping your family in my prayers. Your vacations looked like a fabulous distraction though! I've never been!


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