Friday, May 06, 2011

Photo Friday: Move it

First moving quote going on right now.  Tired already, and I have like 8 more coming.  Yay.

BUT, before I reveal the big local du moi I wanted to share my favorite video of the week.  It's of P at her birthday party.  Many of our favorite friends were there, possibly as the last "big" occasion at our house.  I love how she just blows out a candle once we're done singing -- no prompting even.  Cute girl.

Love her, love our friends.  Can't believe they're all ours. :)  Wish I could take each and every one with me.  Maybe I can, I'm planning on buying a palace. :)

{drumroll}... I'd just like to share that I am sharing our moving destination here on my blog first, even before Facebook.  Of course, we've cold a couple of other people... but I do love my readers!
Soo... after much deliberation we're moving to Arizona -- the Phoenix area to be more specific  We're not sure exactly when but something in my mind says mid to early July.  Could be later then that, although hopefully not much.

I am still on the job hunt, I need to remind myself it's unusual to get a call the NEXT DAY from someone wanting to hire me, but I could hope.... Trying to remember I gave God the lead on this whole relocation thing.  {deep breath}

Anyway, that's our big news and I need to go pack.  We need to pack up a good portion of our house before we start to show it.  If you know of someone wanting to buy in our area let me know.  They could get it cheap.  Ok, not cheap -- but I think we're pricing it pretty fair.


  1. I'm happy you've got a place to go now! I hope that helps. I hope you'll let me take you to lunch to celebrate. :)

  2. So happy for you guys Hilary! Maybe our next girls' trip should be Phoenix!!!

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  4. How cute is she?


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