Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Friday: School, School, School...

This week brought the classroom celebrations at our school.  We have been SO lucky to have A-mazing teachers this year.  I feel really blessed, and I think that Conner having his particular teacher may have been, actually, the reason that we stayed here for as long as we have.  He's just perfect.  Anyway, Spencer had Mrs. W.  She's the best first grade teacher, just goes with the flow of being crazy and fun, while still expecting a lot out of her students.  We love her so much. That is a butterfly on S's head since that is their classroom symbol.  

He also had a student teacher from Stanford this year.  I'm really glad that she is in our class.  She's been suffering it out on her own this week (they take 2 weeks and take the class "on their own" -- although their mentor teacher is still on campus for any "issues").  She's realy great, and is teaching in Germany next year!

Here's Conner and Mr. M.  I'm going to miss him a lot next year.  Conner's been doing "family life" studies at school this week.  It's made for some interesting dinner conversation. :)  You know, we didn't cover much at all at our "maturation clinic" -- mostly personal hygiene, but these kids get the works, in a very informational way and they really encourage them to talk to their parents abou it.  I have to say I'm glad, being that I've seen 13 year olds deliver babies and that's just a couple years away {vomiting}.

AND guess who got an award from the PTA for all my work at school.  They said some very sweet non-deserved things about me.  And gave me some lovely flowers. Darn it, I'm going to miss that school.  Mostly. :)

And here is my one birthday present.  Wait, no, my brother gave me an Amazon gift card that I'm hoping to wait to use until we move and I need something exciting at our new place.  I love "spring bouquets" of flowers -- they're my favorite. 

That's what's up here.  Except for the need to keep our house clean 24 hours a day we're not doing much. :)  Here's a link to the photos of our home.  Check how clean it is.  Honestly, I'm doing alright with keeping it this clean most of the time.  I'm kind of proud of it.  But, I doubt I can last much longer.  Fingers crossed for a sale soon. :)


  1. Hey Hilary, I'm so excited if you're really moving to AZ. Email me and I'll let you knwo any details you're wondering about. I know you emailed me before but I can't find the email! Sorry. Love, Shawni

  2. I remember getting ready to sale our house. First we painted everything, then we boxed up almost everything the kids could make a mess with. It worked pretty well except that it was winter and they were bored out of their minds!!! But it worked...we sold the house.

  3. The house looks great Hilary~Good work!


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