Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Present for the Thing

I've really realized that I need to do ONE thing at a time.

I feel like I am splitting myself in 12 lately.  I'm making a door decoration for teacher appreciation and thinking about how to get a job, or a loan, or how to sell our house, thinking about how insane work was and if I forgot to do anything....

Let's face it, my life is insane.

I spent much of the day packing, talking to movers and loan officers and thinking about how in just over a month or two our life will be completely different.

Then I go to work and I do a splash and dash fast delivery.

There just aren't dull moments.

And the truth is, I like it that way but I also really like some down time.

Truth is, I'll have a lot of down time on that trip to Arizona. :)


What do you do when you feel like your mind is in 12 places to help center yourself?  Maybe I need to do some yoga. :)


  1. Schedule it. Schedule your down time, and make it as important to keep that appointment as anything else. Maybe you could set a timer. Fifteen minutes with P, Fifteen minutes on the door decor, fifteen minutes job searching, whatever.

    Or, don't move. That might help :-)

  2. YES! Schedule down time for sure, it's so important to maintain even a bit of balance when things are really stressful.

    Last week when I was getting ready for Zeke's big graduation party and all of his family coming, I took most of Wednesday and sewed a dress just for fun and just for me. I really needed to relax and you know what? I still had plenty of time to get *almost* everything done :) It was worth it. I also love to escape in a good book.

  3. Definitely schedule time to do something for yourself. For me it's stealing a few moments with a good book. I also make a list of what needs to happen and make a goal to check off 1 thing each day. That's it just 1 thing. Think about the good things you are moving to!!

  4. This is how I feel right now, and I'm NOT moving. I really need to learn to say no and just be content with the everyday hum drum, but I'm not and I'm always adding more to my plate than I should. I've actually been having mini-anxiety attacks this past week because I feel so overwhelmed with everything I am supposed to do and be right now. I keep thinking "once I get past this, then things will calm down" but really, I've been saying that for 2 months. All of April I looked at the calendar and said, May is going to be my calm month. Then May started getting filled up with a bazillion things and now I say, June is going to be my calm month. Well guess what? June is already being filled up with a bazillion things. I've been searching blogs and stores trying to find some way to organize it all and to get it all done while still staying calm. I haven't found anything yet, but if I do I'll let you know. :)


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