Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update on our Loan Fiasco

FYI, if you are moving for a job this WILL affect you.  I've talked to at least 15 people, and they will NOT accept your new job without paystubs. 
Sad news, stupid news, dang government.
Anywho, we think we can get an FHA loan because Drew is a teacher.  We will then refinance that once Drew gets his paystubs.  And while that is going to cost some cash, I'm fairly sure it's worth not having to move twice.
If only tears were cash... :)
Just a little part of our governement mess.  So bugged by it {Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made these rules and they are part of the government so by default, for me, they are one and the same}


  1. I am so sorry. If only I had a magic wand to wave over all of your craziness and make it not so crazy, I would. I think the job of Fairy God Mother" would be perfect for me. :) Hope things get better soon.

  2. To put it bluntly, that sucks. At least it sounds like you have another option. So annoying! All I can say is hang in there!


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