Friday, May 13, 2011

WAIT, I forgot to mention I got some SHOES

Yesterday morning I got cancelled at work and somehow I had enough time to go shoe shopping.  My summer shoes are sadly lacking, especially in the heels department, and I have been LOVING some of the espedrilles I've been seeing.

So, I got these.  With the great 30% discount I got in the mail it made them only 20 bucks.  Yay!  I think they can easily go dressed up or dressed down.  I love/need that in my clothes.  Sadly, things are usually dressed down. :)

I also got these I thought they'd be great with jeans or something a little more casual, but could still be dressy-ish. :)  Do you like espedrill fashion trend?  I like heels becuase it helps my plantar faschitis.  I'm used to wearing flats, but not only my feet feel better, but I tend to hold myself a little better too.  Win-win.

AND I just happend to stop by the Carpis (because I have one, count them one, pair that actually fit) and I tried on a size ten and it FIT.  Can you even believe that?  Before this started I was a size 20.  Is that 10 sizes?  I am not sure, but either way, what a happy thing!  Screw moving, I'm going to be a fashionista part time. :)  Ok, maybe not.


  1. You are AWESOME!! Congrats on being a size 10 and I love, love, love both pairs of shoes!

  2. Sorry, the comment made by Adam is really me, his wife, Sandra from high school. :)

  3. Oh my gosh. So cute! I think I might get those first ones...I had some espadrilles thta I loved that were similar, but I wore them out last summer.

  4. SO cute! I'm over the moon for espadrilles! I also have plantar faschitis and my wedges don't bother me in the least. Hooray for shoe shopping!

  5. very cute, I especially like the first ones.

    I've been enjoying a blog called: spinning threads... she just puts outfits together just for fun and it's made me enjoy dressing up a bit more myself.

    Way to go!!:)


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