Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crappy California #9: Teach Me.

How is it that California has one of the largest tax bases in the world, and yet is almost the lowest spent per student in the U.S? HOW IS THAT? And yet, despite that, my kids have gotten a first rate education, thanks to dutiful teachers who seem to always make up for what he state takes away, even if that's seat covers for their bathroom.

I will say that won't last forever. These teachers can only make up so much... and they're getting tired... & older... (no one in specific there...)

Jerry Brown is a fool, and something HAS to be done with the union grip on the state.

But, what do I care, it will still be a lovely place to visit. :)

*in all fairness, myhusband has recently been laid off due to the crazy education cuts. That's why I am writing all these crazy blogs

In other news, we had a lovely 10 hour stay in the comfort suites of Redlands, CA & are back on the road... 4 more hours til Drew can beat me for buying a house he hates (seriously, has anyone spent 1/4 of a mil. On something your hubby hasn't even seen?
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  1. we spent more than that on our house and he didn't go house hunting until it was time to see this house and put in an offer. There are things we love about our house and definitely things that make us question how much we spent. If we came in at your price point though, we would have had the cash flow to make the changes we wanted.... Hope Drew likes it and that it is close to his work.

  2. Miranda11:12 AM

    I flew out last summer to look at a house, and put and offer on it before Andrew saw it. A video can only do so much... It all worked out and we are making changes to make it feel like ours. Good luck!

  3. I bought our house without Joel seeing it. He adored it. Thankfully!!!

    I can't wait to hear all about the AZ chapter now. Phewsh!


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