Monday, June 20, 2011

Entirely Overwhelmed

I'll admit it.  Things are getting to me.  I picked up a BUNCH of shifts at work, thinking I'd be cancelled for many of them.  Turns out, the economy's doing better then we thought because we are PUMPING babies out like dollar bills.  And then we're bleeding after.  Turns out that requires a lot of nurses.  Who knew? 

So, add that into the stress of having to move in less then 7 days.

Plus our new house has roof problems, which the seller has agreed to pay for but it makes me really nervous.  Plus me on edge that the whole thing won't be done in time.

I'm literally doing Lamaze breathing with my patients sometimes, but for myself -- not them.

In the car on the way home tonight I was SO overwhelmed by everything.  And then the help came.  It's like the cavalry was sent by God.  I have babysitters for Saturday and Monday, one of them even wants to take the boys to the new Cars movie.  I read through the report and the seller says he's going to fix the roof.  I'm just still nervous because hello... I'm me.

More sweet friends are throwing a going away party for us, and just reading the responses.  I know we're so loved.  And we love them.

Just gotta keep moving.

And go to bed. :)


  1. keep going hill! you'll get to the other side and wonder what you were ever worried about it.

    keep the faith. xo

  2. So I wrote you this great note and then totally lost it.

    I always feel overwhelmed and that there are not enough hours in the day and enough of me to go around when I move (9ish state to state moves). You are saying goodbyes, selling/buying houses, and both of your are starting new jobs. Good thing there is not a pregnancy to throw into the mix- your stress indicators are already sky high!

    The good thing about the move is there is a deadline. You'll move whether you are ready or not. Then you'll take a deep breath and deal with the unpacking and emotional aftermath of a move. You can do it, you'll come out stronger than before, and you have a friend on this end of your move who are happy to see you and willing to lend a hand.

    Best of luck.


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