Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving Tips

So, my brain is slowly shifting from the enormous amount of work left to do here, to the enormous amount there....

As long as the seller fixes the roof. :)

So, 2 questions for today.  I'm guessing I might have more.  We haven't moved in a while and I'm sure that plenty of you are GENIUSES in that department.

1.  Shelf liner?  I have that plastic ribbed stuff from Costco.  Do I Put it out?  Do I not put it out?  Thoughts?

2.  We are just going to use our antennae there.  We've had antennae cable here because it was only like 10 bucks and I didn't want to deal with it... but it's like 40 there, so its time to deal with it.  Do any of you just use your TV set to get channels, or a conversion box.  Do I need to put an antennae on the roof?  Am I spelling antennae right?

Most likely not.

Shower me with moving prowess.


  1. Shelf liner is nice. Whenever I moved, my Mom always like to make sure the shelf liner was in place. So it is nice if it works for you to buy it.

    We have an antenna in our attic and use a box. Works get for us.

    Good luck with moving.

  2. We use an antenna and the conversion box and then Netflix which we watch more than anything.

  3. I can't help you on the tv thing, mine barely gets reception w/o an antenna (but it's a great tv), we use it mostly for movies on the weekends. You know my rant about tv, weight gain, and socialization- no need to go into it here.

    Shelf liners protect your shelves and your glassware. Use it if you want to save either. Just remember to put it in before you unpack...


  4. Yes on the shelf liner. It feels clean and tidy to me. I left it out of a few drawers while unpacking and now it drives me nuts, so I and am going to put it in.
    No idea on the TV thing. We switched to Comcast with the new house. We bundled everything: phone, internet, cable. It saved me about $40-$50 of what I was paying before (all seperate companies). It is good for a year...and then I'll probably be looking elsewhere when they try to double my rate!


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