Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is Really Happening {wah}

Slowly starting to sink in.  This is really happening.  These people that are my entire life right now, are going to be cut down to 4 people, my family.  New places, new surroudings, no support group.

It took me a good 2 years to make friends here.

I'm just not friend material.....

I do have friends in AZ, which I am SO happy about.  But...

Well, this morning's just a sad day.  Lots to think about, and do, and be sad about.

Not looking forward to the next 5 days.  I know it will be better once we get out.  IF we get out. ;)


  1. Stop worrying so much. It was Arizona where I learned to really make friends quickly. You can do it. You ARE friend material, I know this because you are my friend. So there.

    Praying for you daily.

  2. You are friend material, what are you talking about? You are so so funny (and nice!) Between your ward, your new job, and the kids' school, there will be lots of opportunities. Try not to over-think (I'm always guilty of this.)

  3. yeah. gotta chime in an friend material.

    i think you are amazing.

  4. Let yourself be friend material. Don't assume it will be as hard as it once was.

    I have always found that it takes a good year before I'm completely comfortable with new people, and a couple of years before I feel like I have best friends. Then again, it's possible to meet a kindred spirit and get close right away. Be open to it. You are a good friend indeed!

  5. Lorna9:53 AM

    "Friend material".... that phrase has stuck with me for the past few days since I read it on your post. Over the past year or so I have had the pleasure of being your 'virtual' friend on FB and have observed what a tremendously difficult year it has been. I have seen the responses that have appeared when you have written and they all envelope you and your family with much love and support. Throughout your time here in the Bay Area you and your family have become a vital vibrant part of the community and as you are saying your good byes I hope you are seeing the love and support of people you have met during your time here. These people are your new "friends and should hopefully prove to you that you are "friend material". They should be what you see in your mind when you need a reminder as to whether you are a good friend. Look back upon your past posts and see the outpouring of love and comfort that is given to you when you are low and know then that you are a good friend. Remember this always and refer to these touchstones when you need too. For this also will be what you can look at to see that you and your family will become a vibrant member of the community where ever you may be.

    So go forth and enjoy your new adventure in life. Be secure knowing that you have all the skills and "materials" to be a friend.



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