Just wanted to say I’ve had a little more time to do comments lately, and I’m unable to leave comments on a lot of pages.  I think I’m fine on th eones that have a pop-up or a whole other page, but when it’s just a box on the page I have a problem, I just keep having the sign in and do word verification.

So, if you have that, just know I love you. And I love your blogs. :)

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    I was having the same problem and it is frustrating. For me, it would say I had to sign in to Google and I’d use my correct username and password, but it still wouldn’t work. Then I did the same thing except I unclicked the “Stay signed in” box and then it worked. Unfortunately, I still have to do that same thing, but I’m able to leave comments on the ones that wouldn’t let me. Hope that helps you too.