Hi, Will You Be My Friend?

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Here’s the sad news, the vast majority of my “good” friends had left California before I did.  Sure, I still had friends there, and a few really good ones but not like it was a couple of years ago.  Esp. when I was pregnant with P — I had SO many ROCKS that I could count on.  I felt VERY blessed (and they were necessary, that was a hard time for me).

I’ve been doing remarkably well with no real support system here.  Sure, I have some friends here, and I have met people at church who have been really nice…  I like a lot of them.  I see a lot of potential…

The other day when we were at the pool (BTW, the community pools here, are SO great!) I saw a group of women (all in full swimsuits, made me think they were LDS) all sitting in the pool and chitty chatting.  And I was like, “oh man… look at them, they have friends.” 

I think that’s really the first time it hit me.  If I wanted to go do something I am totally alone.  There’s not really anyone to call.  Drew’s headed back to work and I may actually WANT to call someone.  {sigh}

Anyway, I know with time it will happen.  I also have a strong belief that friends aren’t always who you THINK friends will be.  I also feel like I have a huge network of friends beneath me that are just a phone call, text, email or IM away.  I feel lucky that way. 

Anyway, they will come.  I need them, so they’ll come. This whole experience has taught me that you get what you need.

It just so happens we needed a king sized bed.

So there.

Here’s a Mormon Message that has nothing to do with friends, other then it’s hard to talk to strangers, homeless or not.  If anyone has a great way to make friends, feel free to give me pointers. :)

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    Yep. Friends will come. I think one of the greatest things about moving is that there isn’t much pulling us out of the home the first month or two. I really love the time to just spend with my family, making our house a home and enjoying each other.

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    My dad taught me a lesson about making friends when I was in Jr. High School. He said “ask them for help. Come up with a reason if you don’t have one already. Just call and ask someone for help. People feel happy, charitable and friendly when they are giving service. Friendship comes from there.”

    So, this week, in an effort to find some new “Rocks” of my own, I asked for help. My visiting teaching companion is nice. I’ve known her for a while, but not really hung out. We are in different life places. Her one and only child is still a baby. I called and asked her to help me assemble shelves in my garage while my husband was away. She came and we got to know each other so much better, outside of the boundaries of a lesson and a scheduled visit. We’ll hang out again and I’ll be MUCH more likely to call her when I need a girlfriend. Plus, I got those shelves done which made us both happy!

    Come up with a reason to let someone help you in a casual way. Like when I was sick and needed meals, this girl Hilary, from my ward, who I had seen in passing at church for a couple of years, came and brought me dinner. We bonded. I’d say we’re still close :-)

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    I really liked what Angie and Lara had to say.

    Yes, friends will come. You seem like you are a true friend and people would be lucky to get to know you and be around you. Hang in there, friends will come.

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