How I Am Eating

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Well, I am eating a lot of frozen things, but that’s not the point of this entry.

I had a hard time figuring out how I was going to re-stockpile after moving.  I did use my food storage pretty well before we moved.  It was great, I felt blessed to have it.  While I don’t think I saved a ton of money, I do think that I had a little more wiggle room in our budget, so that was one thing I didn’t have to worry about if we needed to go to subway every now and then. :)

Anyway.  I have great pantries in our house and I am SO excited to have it all HERE with ME. :)  Instead of in some hot, stuffy garage.  I am embarrassed to say that we did move a LOT of canned goods with us.  Probably just 3 small boxes, but you can fit a lot of cans in 3 boxes.  I also moved a bit of our other storage, pasta, honey, stuff like that.  It moved pretty well.

Sadly, there was stuff that just couldn’t come, or I ate all of it before hand.  SO, it’s time to stock up again.  Yay.  BUT, when we got here, I just knew I wouldn’t have time to scour ads or figure out which store was best to go to, blah, blah, blah.  Then a light bulb moment… Deals to Meals is in AZ.  I can use them!

So I did.

Your first 2 weeks are free, then you spend 4.95/month to have THEM scour the ads for you and figure out what’s really great prices, what’s so-so and then I just read down that check off what I need, print a grocery list and whamo.  I’m done.

Because HERE is the BEST PART.  Walmart price matches all of my local grocery stores (and there are a TON of grocery stores here… cha-ching!).  Also, when I need something that’s not on sale, good chance Wally mart is the cheapest anyway.  But wait, there’s more… Walmart is maybe 1.5 miles from my home.  It’s a SUPER one too.  It’s got it all. 

So, yesterday ice cream was on sale at Food City — I price matched that at Walmart, along with a few other items.  Then I got the regular stuff I needed, some weed killer and some water containers for the fridge and I checked out.  It was truly one stop shopping for someone who used to call that a full time job.

In order to price check at Walmart, you just need to know which store and how much it costs, you don’t need a flyer, they just do it.  Now, here’s my personal stipulation.  If you do this, you need to be VERY HONEST.  I have always asked a manager if they will substitute their own brand for the store’s brand (and they’ve always said yes), or I ask them if they’ll substitute their meat, etc.  It’s almost always been a go, but I have been told no (usually by just employees, not by the manager).  It’s been great.

Anyway, my full time job is soon going to be eating bon-bons on the couch.  I mean, what will I do with myself?  I’m not sure that I’ll keep using deals to meals forever, but I do think that I’ll use it for the next few months.  I may, in fact, do it forever.  THat’s just a little over a dollar a week, and with SO many ads here I think it may be worth my time just to let them do it.  I do think there are deals I am missing… but I’m not sure that it’s that important to me right now. ūüėÄ

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