Tell ME Thursday: Swimming

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INTEX RECREATION 59574NP My Baby FloatOk, swimming is going great.  Spencer is doing MUCH better today, he’ll dunk himself, and jump in the pool and float like a starfish.  I’m sure that many of you are thinking sheesh, the kid’s 7.  But he’s always been a sissy in water, so I just didn’t want to deal with it.  Until this sweet girl in our ward offered 5 dollar swim lessons, and they’re doing great.

SO, here’s my question, what can I be doing with P to make her like the water more?  Currently she just wants to hang on my neck the entire time we’re in there.  I’m just not a fan of it…. and I want to NOT have the problems we’ve had with Spencer.

What do you do with your tiny ones to get them to like the pool and be a little more independent.  I put a floaty on her, and that didn’t help.  It may have made it worse.

Teach me. :)

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  1. Burns Family says

    The pool I take my kids to has zero entry. It is great for my little kids because they can sit with me in the shallow end and then venture away from me as they grow more comfortable. Having said this I think all kids come into their own when they are ready. My youngest just doesn’t want to be left behind so she is in the water, under the water, and sometimes I wish she would come back and sit next to me!

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