Thoughtful Tuesday

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately.

First off, my kids are driving me insane.  I always get like this towards the end of summer, as do they… but this year is worse since we never really had a vacation and things have been so off kilter.

On Monday I started back to rigid “my way or the highway” mom.  Let’s just say it hasn’t really gone over well.  They’re too used to “mom’s so freaking busy it’s time to just do whatever we want” mom.

Well, that party’s over.

The funny thing is that while it’s been really hard to go back to that (and I have to remind myself I’m being rigid mom) everyone is a LOT more happy this afternoon.  We’re back to our routine and things are going alright.  I am also pushing up S’s bedtime because he’s been SUCH a whiny mess I can’t even talk about it.

I guess what my thoughts are is that if there’s something that’s driving you insane you sometimes need to just throw all your effort into it and then a little bit MORE effort to really get it under control, but then it can be under control.

Your efforts make a difference.

And there is a gecko on our back wall.

Did I mention we have a guest room, and a gecko.  I’ll be taking reservations people….

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  1. says

    The first few days here in Texas a Gecko ran past me while I was vacuuming in the living room and I screamed and vacuumed it up to defend myself now I ignore them hehe.

  2. says

    GECKO! Did it go “Tskah, Tskah” as it climbed up the wall like the littlest petshop one? ;)

    Glad the routine is settling back in.