Weekly Cleaning Schedule: Thursdays

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Thursday is all about downstairs.  This is where my schedule veers from my previous schedule.  I used to just do our playroom on Thursdays.  I’d switch toys, tidy up the area, throw away the complete crap my kids tend to think is toys. :)

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166)I will still be doing that (jury is still out as to if I’ll be swapping toy bins now as I am hoping to store all the toys downstairs, but perhaps I will be swapping them down from the upper cabinet (the cabinets go floor to ceiling).

BUT, I also have 2 other rooms downstairs that I will try to be fixing up.  This includes our home office that needs filing done every now and then.  I’m not sure how that will all be integrated.  I see myself maybe focusing on the playroom one week and the office another week.

I am also going to try and weed on Thursdays, at least once it gets to the point that I won’t melt out there.  We aren’t gardening at all right now… but I hope to put in some boxes once things cool down a bit.

I wash whites and kids clothes on Thursdays.

Conner’s job is vacuum the tile and to fold his laundry

Spencer’s job is to tidy all the books and sort laundry.

Thursdays is a fairly low key day.  You’ll notice that my work is more on Mondays and tends to taper as the week goes on, as does my will to live. :)

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