Hurting Heart

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Sometimes I feel like I have died.

And no, this isn’t as the after-school tropical storm hits, I’m just WISHING I was dead then.

As I read about kids starting school, or ward BBQ’s or exciting events in my friends lives.

I feel like I’m dead, or they’re dead.

And while I think I fooled myself into thinking that things wouldn’t be all that different with me gone, it, in fact is.  I feel my heart fall to my diaphragm when I see photos of the first day at our old school.

I just had so many ties there.  So many relationships I’d worked hard to build because I thought they were going to last, and last, and last.  And while they’re lasting, it’s still hard.

I know you all think I don’t miss you at all, but I do.  I miss each and every one of you SO much.

And let’s not even talk about your weather.  I could make out with your weather right now. 

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  1. says

    The worst part of moving. Unless, of course, you just hated everyone and everything about the old place. :)

    The weather will be easier to tolerate next year. Just you wait. And, hold on till November and December. The weather is really worth living there then.

  2. says

    Hil, this was me when we first moved here. Even up to 6 months after we moved here. There would be days where I would see something on Facebook or a blog about one of my UT friends and I would just burst in to tears, wishing so much that I could be a part of that. You’ll soon make new friends and build new relationships. It won’t make you miss those friends any less but it will make the separation a little bit easier. Just think of how much fun having some of those friends come visit you will be after the long time apart!

  3. Margit says

    Hilary, I so remember how I was like this when we first moved here. It was so hard to hear what was going on in Toronto, at our old school and it still is now. These days, the school not so much because kids have graduated and I’m so attached here now but my old city that I loved so much, I still miss it like crazy in some moments when I hear or read something about it. But I fully realize that when I leave here in a few years, I’ll be the same way about this place. I’ve come to think of myself as a person who lives in a few places, at least in my heart!

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