Letting Go, and Letting God

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Remember back a few months ago where I was so whiny and annoying.

Yeah, that was me.  Same person.  I felt whiny and annoying.  I KNEW I was those things.

Anyway, when you think about relocating and ALL the things that needed to fall into place.

Well, it’s a bit disgusting.  Selling the house (and I really wanted to sell it to the right people who would make the neighborhood happy, etc), buying a house and then ALL that entails with school placement, kids friends.  Stuff like that.  Getting jobs, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, do you remember when I finally just left it to God.  I did the legwork and I let God make decisions and recruit good opportunities for us.

Well, today while I sat in a PTO meeting (yes, I went to a PTO meeting, sue me) I heard that they are focusing on becoming more like this teacher college model that all the teachers at our old school were doing.  ESPECIALLY Spencer’s teacher.  They had a rep from that institute come out and teach the teachers and then they sent 3 teachers there last summer, and they want to do the same thing this year!

They’re the only ones in the area doing it, and Spencer really thrives on their workshop model.

Anyway, there are so many parts of this move that boggle my mind how they all fell into place.

If you’re in a situation where a lot of marbles need to fall into place… God can make that happen.  You need to work hard to get you there, but God loves you and He can make it happen.

{God is in charge, don’t jump off the plane}.

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