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and I’m not talking about the kind they make at Welfare Square.

I love my church.  I love the gospel and I love the people of our church. I. LOVE. IT.

But the culture.

It just leaves me cold.

And I think a lot of it has to do with growing up in the heart of Utah where everyone was LDS and they felt that certain chord changes could produce the spirit more then actually HAVING the spirit.  That sharing stories that someone else had shared that someone else had shared would truly light the spirit in your heart.

It makes me want to have  seizure.

Did anyone see this 4 year old on the Today Show?  I was SO creeped out.

I just love hearing things that people believe in their heart, through experience and they are sharing with love.

I don’t love people who are saying what you want to hear, and are getting paid to do it.

I have a REALLY hard time with people making money off the church.  a REALLY hard time.  And I know it has a place and all that jazz… I just have a hard time with it.

Am I the only one?

Do you want to shrivel up and die when you hear someone talking in a specific tone and in a specific way?

Is it only me?

Does this mean that I’m not celestial material?

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  1. says

    I love this…

    Maybe I’m evil (don’t answer that), but in Logan, Utah they have a special program on the radio station called “Sounds for Sunday” and it seriously makes me want to vomit! It’s not hymns and primary music and simple beautiful church stuff – it’s people trying to make money. My husband calls it Priestcraft! And that is what it is.

    That little boy is only slightly less creepy than his parents.

  2. says

    are you talking church voices? cause i hate that. i am going to take you more seriously if you use your real voice than i ever would if you use your church voice.

    we went to youth conference recently and there was a speaker that spoke in her church voice and smiled the entire time. all the kids thought she was creepy.

  3. says

    yes, the “spirit” voice is creepy and inauthentic. People see right through it, yet some people love it. I cry every time I give a talk, but that’s because I’m terrified and then relieved when it’s all over! I think it’s hard for people, maybe more so when they grew up around it, to draw the line between genuine feeling and emotion and an heir of holiness that they want to send out from the pulpit. Nauseating!

  4. says

    I have a serious problem with it too. Years ago our ward decided that it would only do books on the Deseret Book Club list. Seriously? There is a time and Place for Deseret Books, but I don’t need to be a captive member of their market because I’m too afraid to read anything that their buyers haven’t preread for me. I haven’t seen the kid on the today show, maybe I’ll have to check it out on Hulu.

  5. says

    Granted there has to be a line… but I’m grateful for people that create products (food, clothing, decor, music, etc) that go along and support my LDS lifestyle. It is who I am. Why would I not want have those things in my life and in my home.

    I’m grateful to have grown up in “the heart of Utah”… it shaped who I am. I had amazing friends who made good choices and who were strong in the church. I’m grateful for release time seminary that allowed my religious experience to be a part of my school experience. I’m grateful that my standards were understood. That I didn’t have to explain to everyone why I did what I did (dating, media choices, etc.)

  6. says

    I was laughing at his version the sweat wiping and bible karate chop. He obviously has observed these things from his pastor family members.

    And it is sad that his antics are seen as acceptable during a service, instead of seeing them as the playtime mimicking that they really are.

    AND there’s a lot about Mormon culture that is just that: culture. Every area has their own version (even po-dunk PA and your new stomping grounds) and at times it needs to be separated from doctrine, much to the chagrin of the long-timers.

    Thanks for the laugh.

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