Potty, Potty, Potty, Potty, POTTY…

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{get it, I substituted potty for party… amusing little quip, isn’t it?}Tomorrow’s the big day.  It’s time to potty train our little miss.

A few thoughts before our big day:

1.  HOW DID SHE GET TO BE THIS OLD?  This is the earliest that I’ve done any of my kids, but I just can’t believe she’s this big.  How did that happen?  Who do I speak to about keeping her small.  Well, not just small.  She IS small. :)

2.  I got my regular potty training in less then a day book at the library (3 cheers for the library), but then I also got the Potty Training in a day book.  I would totally recommend the first one.  The more “old fashioned” book was much more detailed and gave you tons of real life examples.  Either way, I hope your library has them because I will be all too happy to send those back as soon as she’s done.

3.  Man, it’s hard to find a decent potty doll.  I finally just got the 15 dollar one at Walmart and I hope it works, although I see a fair amount of urine coming out of her neck, poor little dear.  She also smells like a french whore.  Maybe that’s why she pees out her neck.

4.  I have said it before, and I’ll say it again — I’d rather give birth to them then potty train.  Drew will skip off to work tomorrow, just hoping I pull off some magic before he gets home.  HOWEVER, this time I have shared with him that he will be doing ALL of the household chores tomorrow, he is also in charge of cleaning the kitchen and doing lunches tonight.  I’m bound and determined for him to share in the pain.

Anyone have any last minute advice?  Everyone’s said that I’ve trained boys and this will be MUCH easier.  The girl is pretty darn excited to go to the potty, so I’m hoping for a walk in the park, but I’m prepared for a long distance run with hills and coyotes.

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  1. says

    No real advice. I’m sure it will go wonderfully. My hardest one was Bria, because she hates new things. I should have potty trained her when she was born. :)

    Good luck!

  2. says

    Hope all goes well! I’m sure it will be easier then out last few weeks where we dealt with morning sickness and potty training-such joy.

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