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Toilet Training in Less Than A DayI have about 40 diapers left.
I’m in the quandry, do I buy more, or do I potty train?
She’s the first of my kids that seems actually ready.  She will tell me, she’s always asking to go to the bathroom.
I did Potty Training in a day with Spencer.  And while the first day was, in fact, pure hell it actually went alright as far as later accidents. 
So, I want to do that again.  But here’s my questions:

1.  Can you adequately potty train if they’re still in a crib?  I really don’t want to give that up.  I do love her in her crib, especially for naps!  Am I just going to hear 9 million “I HAVE TO GO POTTY” in her crib?

2.  Do you have a favorite doll for potty training?  I might try to borrow one, except for the fact that I’m sure she’ll want to keep it since she’s a girl.

3.  Should I be nicer to myself and just let her pee in her pants a bit more?  Or, shall I bite the bullet?

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  1. says

    Good luck! I have no answers for your questions though. My son is almost 3 and still in diapers so, you know. Now that we’ve got sister in school I’m thinking of just setting aside a few days and really going hard core potty training but I’m not sure I’m up for that yet. Plus we still have about 100 diapers so we’ve got time. :)

  2. Denisa says

    Not sure how to answer #1, no experience with that. But I did Potty training in one day with both and D was really, really easy. T was a bit not challenging.
    I just went to DI and got an ugly doll for 50c. And D still liked the doll.
    I wouldn’t wait if she is ready. You can always give the dipers to someone else once you’re done.
    Good luck.

  3. says

    Sophia was fully potty-trained and still slept in her crib for another 6 months or so. I just didn’t have a bed for her till we moved here. :)

    I don’t do the in a day thing, though, but she was by far my easiest to train.

  4. says

    I potty trained Paige when she was still in the crib. We did pull-ups I think for naps? Although she gave up naps a few months later. We did overnight diapers at night. P was not dry at night for awhile. We just didn’t worry about that. I did the ‘in a day.’ I did get a doll…forgot what kind. It did wet, but probably almost any doll would do.

  5. says

    How ironic, we just started potty training M last week! I’ve that book both times and each kid responds a little different. E took a good 2 days and was awesome after that. M on the other hand is doing really well, just have to work on the whole poop thing. Anyway, I have boys and they climb out of cribs early and potty train late so we’ve never had to worry about the whole crib thing so I’m not a good one to give advice on that. Good luck!

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