Tragic Tuesdays: Anger

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I will admit, I was REALLY angry.

Drew literally got his layoff notice the DAY BEFORE he went to Ireland with the band.


He had literally spent hours and HOURS getting those kids ready and working extra just to get that.

Not that working extra was beyond him.  Not that they were replacing him with someone who would do his job near as competantly.  Not that I’m still bitter.  No.

Because I really HAD to let this stage go.  I had to realize that all of this was happening for a reason and it was my job to figure out that reason and to just move on with my life.

But I must say that there’s nothing wrong with having this stage.  There’s plenty of people to be angry with, the person, the people around you, God.  It happens.

I do know that God didn’t tolerate me being angry with Him very well.  I’d feel an immediate removal of the spirit, as if to say, “woah Nellie, simmer down on that one!”

So, what do you think, does anger help?  Is it a necessary step as you go through a tragical process?

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  1. says

    honestly, i do not think anger helps anything.

    and this comes from someone who is angry a lot.

    i think that this is not an emotion that comes from God. I think it’s a natural emotion — eg natural man, but I also think it’s one that God would see us overcome.

    when we have an eternal persepctive…and when we try to see the good or even the growing opportunities that come from our trials, i think it helps to lessen the anger.

    but this is all easier said than done.

    i do not believe that we must feel anger to pass through tragedy…but i do think it’s quite normal…a little more normal for some us. (like myself!)

  2. says

    I owuld have to agree…anger is counterproductive. But it is a natural stage that everyone has to deal with as a human in the grieving process. Or a human in any given crappy situation. It’s part of being human, and we’re supposed to figure out how to let go of it and move on. Forgive.

    What happened to you totally sucked. I imagine it will take awhile to get past it and work through all the emotions of moving and everything. And that’s ok.

  3. says

    I don’t think anger helps, but sometimes (because we are human) I think it can’t be helped.

    After my older sister died 6 years ago, I have watched family members including myself deal with it. Those who have used anger, are still not dealing with it — and they are STILL angry.

    On another level, my in laws have serious anger issues and I bit the bullet this spring and for once got really angry back — it failed MISERABLY. :(

    I agree anger is not from God.
    We must pray to overcome it.


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